Professional Hydronic Anion Hair Dryer



Latest High Power Light Weight Professional Hair Dryer.

Newly Designed High-Speed Professional AC Motor significantly increase the air volume with less power consumption and more drying power with every blow.

9 Propeller Blade Paired with 2300W Power dries your hair quickly without requiring high temperature, effectively preventing high heat damage to the hair and protecting the natural luster

Dual-channel output of 8 million negative ions significantly reduce static electricity generated from the friction, making sure your hair maintains smooth and shiny.

3 versatile styling nozzle makes styling easy, lets style your hair any way you like.

Detachable cover allows convenient cleaning, maintaining it in tip-top condition.


Package Included:
1 x Professional Hair Dryer
2 x Detectable Style Nozzle
1 x Diffusion Nozzle
1 x Mini Cleaning Brush

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